Speaking of pretty women and work ethics though:

I will never cease to be amazed by Annaleigh Ashford’s insistence on researching her work. I assume it’s somewhat required if you wanna do a good job and so on, but I get the sense that whatever Annaleigh does goes beyond…

Anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for somebody starting college in the fall?

yes. I’m assuming you already know how to be safe & not an idiot, so I won’t waste your time with tips like don’t drink and drive. if you drink and drive, then you are probably too stupid to be in college in the first place. moving on to the tips.

  1. if you hear about an event where there is free food, go get that free food. but make sure you get out of there quick before somebody tries to make small talk with you. because let’s be honest, small talk is worse than going hungry
  2. bring your gameboy to parties because in case you get bored, which will happen at every party
  3. do your fucking homework. 
  4. clean your fucking living space, and that means with a vacuum and cleaning spray, not just picking up trash
  5. if you wear headphones around campus, nobody will try to talk to you. this also applies to your whole life. especially airports.

you’re welcome




i wont let this video die

nobody should

Is that miranda sings

lesmisgeek asked:

Ooooh okay I'm gonna do another one. :) Jesus Christ Superstar.

Opionion: I barely know anything about this show so I don’t really have one. it seems to me like every other ALW show— nice soundtrack and not much substance.

Favorite song: I only know three songs from this show but I like all of them. Heaven On Their Minds, I Don’t Know How To Love Him, and Gethsemane. if I had to pick a favorite… Heaven On Their Minds because that vamp at the beginning is killer.

Favorite scene: literally I have never seen any part of this show in any way shape or form so I can’t tell you.

Dream role: obviously the electric guitar player